Sunday, February 14, 2010

Living Roof.Why not?

The idea of a living roof is pretty simple. Basically using the roof area as a growing medium for plants. Simple.
A living roof provides a colorful alternative to the grey urban landscape where the drab concrete is replaced by the ever changing mixes of greens. Flowers provide additional splashes of colors ,brightening up our grey boxes.
But apart from the aesthetic value a green roof provides other advantages. One can grow a small kitchen garden and herbs ( some would do quite well in our climate) There is nothing like eating fresh vegetables you grew your self. Also a green roof provides excellent insulation against cold winters and the backing hot summer sun. In fact green roofs have been used for centuries in northern countries.
Here is a few ideas abroad. Imagine looking from ones roof on a sea of green roof tops. Think about the cleaner air we would be breathing.
So way don't we see them here? The implementation is not so difficult. One could start with a small patch, a few pots with plants. So , go on. Have a go.



Joanne Barragan said...

Putting up a green roof to buildings in an urban area is truly a remarkable idea. You don’t often see trees and nature in big and industrialized cities. In fact, every place needs nature; trees and plants play a major role in sustaining other living organisms. Moreover, installing green roof is one of the most effective ways to prevent pollution.

- Joanne Barragan

Rolf said...

That looks absolutely gorgeous! I wish all urban places would incorporate the idea of having rooftop gardens. That way, their employees will have a greener and more relaxing place to chill out at the same time, having a bit of fresh air despite the pollution below.

Rolf Matchen