Monday, April 5, 2010

Mapped, Featured and Enriched

Mapped with other Permacultural sites

After being engaged by an independent initiative to create a map of Permaculture projects around the world we submitted our details and mapped ourselves on the 'Permaculture Map'.

Its a very positive initiative which aims at making the best use of the internet as we know it. A very simple Google Earth layer showing all submitted sites related to permaculture. This creates numerous opportunities for isolated projects and even the large scale ones from responsible tourism to simply exchanging experiences on how it works in different environments.

To join the network in this ongoing project one can easily do it through this link:

Facing the Nature Crunch - Permaculturalist style

We would also link to thank Mahira for organizing a very successful event which featured 3 permaculturalists including Peppi Gauci from Bahrija Oasis at 'Facing the Nature Crunch'.

New species at the site - the growing biodiversity

Thats it for now,
To close this blog post here are 2 new residents at the Bahrija Oasis.

A Chameleon visiting Peppi
First generation frog in the pond area found on site

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