Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Documentary feature on Permaculture in Malta

In the production of a documentary entitled 'These Green Thumbs' the director is trying to discover the challenges and potential solutions Maltese agriculture is currently facing. The documentary features strong active personalities from the alternative holistic scene on the Maltese Islands. These personalities include Peppi Gauci the Permaculturalist from the Bahrija Oasis, Shirley Cauchi a Macrobiotic Counselor and Joe Borg a local Organic Farmer.

A comprehensive portrayal of alternative agriculture in Malta and its impact on human health.

Peppi Gauci, a Maltese permaculturist, talks about Malta’s land, the soil and the climate elements affecting agriculture.

Technology has helped the farmer keep up with the demand for food, however agriculture is facing a lot of challenges in this unfriendly ecological climate.

Is Malta steering away from the self sufficiency of traditional farming?

Permaculture as a reparative tool to create a natural microclimate where organic life will flourish again.

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