Sunday, April 10, 2011

Spring happenings at the Oasis

Sunsets are never a bore, even if we experience them daily.

As the dates to the exciting upcoming permaculture courses draw nearer,we are kept busy with activities happening at the Oasis...
Volunteers and permaculturists are working together to cultivate and expand further the establishment of rural sustainable design. The pictures that follow, show some clips of the recent activities. For the upcoming courses please visit
One of our bell tents is comfortably sitting near the carob tree while hosting friends who stay with us for some time and help out with the chores of an organic permaculture farm.

The view on our coast is breathtaking and we have enjoyed countless sunsets among the giant rocks that make up the characteristics of our earthly paradise.

Giorgia and Stefano from Milan stayed with us for a few weeks. in this picture, Giorgia is busy with her newly acquired skill of using reeds as a natural material for creativity at the oasis. Reeds are carefully traditionally coppiced once a year. They are annual and thus they regrow each year. Thus they are classified as a renewable material.

Spiru is a young permaculture apprentice who is enjoying keeping free range chicken. He is keen on improving the farm with integrative elements and is always helping out with new ideas...however radical they may seem.

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Wonderfull plants.