Monday, July 15, 2013

2013 evolution

New Update July 2013

Hello everybody thank you for clicking on this link and visiting the Bahrija Blog spot.  

Just to give you an update and fill you in with all that has been happening on the Oasis and share with you relevant links to let you know we are still going strong and the Permaculture Research Foundation Malta is growing. Bahrija Oasis is still evolving and serving as a wonderful Oasis for people to learn, grow and evolve.

So here are the relevant links so you can continue the journey with us.

We now have a main website we function from on the web called Permaculture Malta:
We have a wide selection of Courses you can take to further your knowledge of Permaculture design: We are also delighted to tell you that you can get these courses funded through the EU - Gruntvig scheme

We also now hold retreats for people coming from abroad. These are great opportunities to make your holiday not only an opportunity to visit a beautiful Island but also to learn, grow and evolve through Permaculture design. Permaculture is a way of life; it’s not just about farming.

We have a new YouTube Page with all the recent videos in one place 

We have a Facebook page we would love you to join and share with friends:

We have a Twitter page so you can keep updated on the move:

So that’s all for now. We hope you will come and visit the links above and support the research by sharing with friends and coming to explore the Oasis. Permaculture is about community and community is about the people and nature.

Together we create new systems which make the old that don't serve us anymore obsolete.

Unity and Community

Bahrija Oasis  

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