Thursday, April 30, 2009

Lost words of wisdom.

Browsing around the net I can across this collection of WW2 posters. They're great , simple effective . It makes you wonder why we seem to need a do or die situation to do the right thing. In them days words like conservation , being frugal, saving were considered a virtue while today these are considered anathema! Media tells us to "buy", "shop till you drop" ,"travel more" , "what you had yesterday is not enough today".
Do we need WW3 to start doing the right thing again?

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Interesting Site

Wild Plants of Malta is an interesting site with a large and comprehensive guide to the flora of the Malese islands.
Packed with tons of reference images and interesting facts, is in my opinion the best guide to our natural heritage and a worth while visit.
Great work , Stephen.

Sping in full Bloom.

Thou the weather begs to differ, we are in Spring and at Bahrija plants are in their full Glory!The parse Garigues vegitation is green with new growth and flowers are everywhere buzzing with bees getting on with their job. The are is charged with the sents of flowers and fennel.

Gladiolus byzantinus

Commonly known as Habb il-Qamh

Convolvulus arvensis

Field Blindweed or Leblieba tar-Raba . One of several species of Blindweeds

Antirrhinum tortuosum

Greater Snapdragon known locally as Papocci Homor

Glebionis coronaria

Papaver rhoeas ,

Red Poppy

Iris foetidissima


Anethum graveolens


Malus domestica

Tuffieh Selvagg